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President - Kim Carter's Message                         

Summer 2016

Hello, Oregon HFMA Heroes!!  Wow, this year is off to a GREAT start with a KAPOW and KAZAMMM!!  First, you installed this year’s leadership team at Salishan with a fantastic “Heroes” themed event (KAPOW), then you wowed us with an incredibly educational summer conference in Welches, Oregon (KAZAMMM)!  It’s an absolute honor and pleasure to begin my one-year term as the Oregon HFMA chapter president!

So how are you doing, members across this beautiful state, and beyond?  I know you are busy… keeping your head above water, leading innovative initiatives, chasing deadlines, juggling competing priorities, racing through the year.  Let’s take some time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we are headed as a chapter.

First, did you know that the Oregon chapter has just finished the third year of a three-year strategic plan?  The results are in!  We now have a new sponsorship program, more volunteers on our committees, a new networking committee, and more education hours than ever.  Thank you to all the volunteers, board members, leaders, and to past presidents Aaron Crane, Ben Shah, and Jeff Johnson, who all led us in this stellar performance.  To cap it all off, the 26 national awards received by Oregon in those three years (11 awards in the last year alone!) make it official:  Oregon’s HFMA chapter is THRIVING! 

That said, there is work to do.  The national HFMA board has given us food for thought about how to ensure that our chapter stays relevant into the future.   HFMA has historically been hospital-focused.  However, with the rise of clinically integrated networks and provider-owned health plans, we need to broaden our content, our audience and our membership.  How many physician organizations and payers can we engage?  Secondly, the average age of HFMA members, nationwide, is 55!  We need to make sure we are opening the doors and providing value to our early careerists.  Third, our lovely state presents some distance challenges.  How do we ensure that our rural and southern and eastern and coastal members are receiving valuable access to education and networking to the same extent as those along the Willamette River?  Finally, we need to find ways that technology can help bring us together and deliver value to members, including a website platform, an app, social media, webinars, and more.

To address those challenges, we are launching a new 3-year strategic plan.  Here is a little about how it is developing and what is next:

  1. It started with YOU.  In February, all members were invited to a strategic planning session. 
  2. In May and July, the Oregon HFMA Board took the input from the February session and developed it into the four strategic areas that we will focus on during the next three years:
    1. Education (focus on quality)
    2. Innovation (engaging physicians, payers, early careerists)
    3. Networking (building connections and collaboration)
    4. Technology (website, app, directory, etc.)
  3. Each of these four areas has recently been assigned to a sub-group of volunteers.  Want to join in?  Just send me a quick email at .


It’s great to have a plan!  So here’s where the rubber meets the road.  Volunteer!  Volunteer work is extremely rewarding, and yet I want to thank each and every one of you who has stepped up to help lead the chapter forward.   And if you have thought about volunteering, please know that all are welcome!  I invite you, yes YOU, to help us move this chapter forward and increase the value to every member.  I guarantee that you will get much more out of the experience than you put in.  You will be networked!  You will be educated!  You will be unstoppable!

In closing, I want to thank each and every member for the hard work and significant contributions you make in our industry every day.  Back in May at my installation, I talked about my heroes.  I shared about my dad, who was a farmer and a scientist, always kind, always optimistic.  I showed you pictures of my other heroes, including many of you who have inspired me and shown me what’s possible.  My challenge to you is this:  Be the heroes for our patients and for each other.  Continue to come together, collaborate, innovate, advocate.  There is no telling what all we can accomplish together!  Put on your super-hero capes, and I hope to see you all at the October conference at the Oregon Garden!!!

Kim Carter—Oregon Chapter of HFMA President 2016/2017


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