Oregon HFMA Welcomes Rachael Seeder as Treasurer

Oregon HFMA Chapter Leaders and Members: It is bittersweet news that I let you know Jon Loomis has decided to resign from his position as Treasurer of our Oregon HFMA Chapter effective 10/25/2017. Jon’s new position is keeping him extremely busy and he is not able to dedicate the time needed to the Treasurer role. He is an amazing person, an excellent Treasurer and a good friend which makes his departure from our team even harder but we absolutely support his decision and thank him for his dedication and volunteer service.

The Oregon HFMA board approved a special vote to accept Rachael Seeder as the interim Treasurer effective 10/25/2017 to fill the vacancy throughout the 2017-2018 fiscal year and then for the two years following FY19-FY20.

I want to thank Jon for his years of service as the Treasurer (he is AWESOMESAUCE) and we will miss him. I also want to welcome Rachael into this role and I am SOOOOO excited to be able to work with her during my HFMA Presidency. FUNtastic times ahead for sure!!!


Matt Navigato, 2017-2018 President
Oregon HFMA

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