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Oregon HFMA Board Meeting
Greenwood Inn
Beaverton, Oregon
February 20, 2003

Meeting called to order at 12:15 P.M.

Present: Tim Salisbury, Tom Safley, Scott Johnson, Nina Buckley, Mary Plaisance, Jim Beukelman, Jennifer Archibald, Janet Vos, Gary Harrell, Bill Osborne, Mark Sayler, Cheryl Storey, Rob Dyke, Kevin Earls, Megan Underwood.

Absent: None

September minutes approved:

Gary Harrell motioned to approve the minutes; Jennifer Archibald seconded the motion; All in favor.


Nina Buckley announced:

The hotel has signage for better directions in finding meeting rooms since some of the meetings had to be moved.A van to shuttle the folks, who plan on attending the comedy club, to the club in downtown Portland (Thursday night social event) has been rented. There were 12 people signed up in advance to attend.Both Problem Solving sessions will be held in the same room (with a divider).All of the A/V equipment is in place and ready.One speaker had to cancel but an alternate has been confirmed.105 registered to attend the meetings and at least 10 more are expected.Edgefield is being considered as a possible meeting location. After discussion from the group it was decided that Edgefield would not be conducive to most of the members.

Future meeting locations:

2003 -

May - Salishan, Gleneden Beach
July - Ocean View Resort, Seaside
September - The Benson, Portland

2004 -

February - Greenwood Inn, Beaverton
May - Unknown
July - Eagle Crest, Redmond
September - Unknown

* She will be stepping down from the Board after the May meeting.

Old Business:

Cheryl Storey has emailed new members: 1) Survey 2) Welcome. No one has responded to date. Scott Johnson commented that he too did not receive any response after emailing new members.

Treasures Report:
Tom Safley reviewed the financial statements with the board. Tom specifically pointed out:

The summer meeting was over budget by approximately $900.The fall meeting had a net margin of $7,561.Sponsorship checks continue to come in.Year to Date income is approximately $18,000.Region 11 money has not come in yet. Expecting $25,000.The chapter has over $163,000 in cash and of that, $57,000 in money market funds.

Tom motioned to move some of the cash to Treasury Bill investments. The motion was seconded, all in favor.

Gary Harrell asked about the possibility of petitioning National to have an award for financial management. Cheryl Storey states that she too had thought about this. Gary made a motion to petition National to award chapters for financial management of the chapters funds. After further discussion the motion was not carried.

Further Discussion:

Look at what members and sponsors are being charged - Scott JohnsonLowering rates did not appear to affect the number of attendees at the meetings, and that hospital's will be, and already have begun, to "tighten their spending" which may result in fewer attendees - Tim SalisburyLook at bringing line staff to a lunch time education session in the Metro area that would be sponsored by the chapter - William Osborne

Secretary Report:

Mary Plaisance handed out a spreadsheet of chapter members to show accumulated points. Points can be looked up online.

September Program Evaluations:

Scott Johnson reviewed a report of the September 2002 conference evaluation responses. The overall evaluation was 4.0 out of 5. There were many comments included with the evaluations that offered helpful feedback and suggestions.

CFO Roundtable:

Tim Salisbury reported that 14 CFO's signed up for the roundtable and that 2 more are expected to attend. The response to the roundtable sessions has been very positive. Scott Johnson commented that the roundtable sessions have been a "huge success" and gave recognition to Tim for his continued involvement. Mary Plaisance suggested an article in the Pipeline to recognize the success of the roundtable meetings. Tim also reported that the Health Future group expressed interest in attending and that he explained these sessions are only open to HFMA CFO's but that Health Future may send someone to HFMA so see how the sessions are being done.

Nominating Committees and Election Process:

Gary Harrell reported on the election process. (Phone) meetings have been productive and there are still a couple more meetings before finalization of the candidates. Ballots should go out by March 7.

May/July Programs Update:

Scott Johnson announced that there are two speakers that are being talked to for the July meeting. There are other speakers to consider for the July meeting. The speakers for May are confirmed.

Joint Oregon/Washington Meeting - Sept. 2003:

Scott Johnson reported that there have been 4 meetings with the WA/AK HFMA group. The group has reviewed the budget. There are three keynote speakers that are being contacted. WA/AK agreed to do two tracks; Finance breakout and workshop. A letter has been sent to John Kitzhaber as a possible keynote. Tom Safley will also work on contacting Dr. Kitzhaber through a mutual friend. The joint conference committee agreed to not having a vendor fair. Nina Buckley handed out information on the cost of having the Spirit of Portland cruise boat for the Thursday night social event. After further discussion, there was actually consensus that we should have the boat ride even though the cost is higher than our initial budget. Further details to be worked out at a later time.


Nina Buckley spoke to Rod Poppleton about transfer status of members from one chapter to another. The first meeting is free to members that transfer form one chapter to another. Nina will get a list of the new members. There were 353 members as of the last meeting and 398 in previous year at the same time. There is a net difference of minus 5.5 members. The Member-get-a-member is continuing.


Jim Buekleman reported that the February edition was cancelled for lack of material. There will be an April issue. Articles from Christoph Stauder on certification and committee information will be in the April issue. Megan Underwood reported that there was a question about having ads in the pipeline. Cheryl Storey reported that ads are not done in the Pipeline.


Janet Vos passed out a report showing the sponsors by level. Of the 29 sponsors listed 28 have confirmed. One sponsor has not renewed. Rob Dyke presented Tom Safley with a check from Healthfirst Financial, a new sponsor. Janet reported that Credit Services has renewed at the Diamond level and that last year they were a Gold sponsor but had paid at the Diamond level and therefore they have a $500.00 credit to be applied towards their sponsorship dues. Once all of the sponsors have paid, there should be a total of $33,500 from sponsorship. Janet also noted that having served as Sponsorship Chair and Co-Chair she realizes how much effort goes in to getting sponsorship commitments and that William Olson and Tabitha Warner have done an excellent job.

At-Risk Members:

Cheryl reported that HFMA National sent out two databases. One was the at-risk members whom had joined in the last couple of years but haven't really participated in the chapter. This comes out each year and is to let us know if we have members who might be at risk for dropping out and it encourages us to contact them and bring them into our "flock." The other is an informative database where HFMA is targeting organizations with an SFE (Senior Financial Executive) who has employees whom are HFMA members but the SFE is not. It is a way to have the chapter lobby to that organization to increase HFMA participation by getting the SFE to join.

HFMA Oregon Chapter Survey:

Scott Johnson reported that 95 surveys had been returned. Scott reviewed the highlights of the survey results with the 2001 results for comparison. There were three new questions. There is obviously a diverse group of people with different needs and wants. The attendance seems to be the same, about 130-135 in attendance, regardless of the main issues relating to location, time, topics, and expense. It appears that attendance of an individual seems to decline in the 5th to 7th year of attendance.

New Member Survey:

Nina Buckley reported that the main comment from new members was the timing of the meetings. Many people have heavier work loads at certain times of the month and often they cannot attend meetings because of the timing.

New Business

HFMA Expense Report:

Cheryl Storey reported that the new mileage rate of reimbursement is now $.36/mile.

Project Proposal - Measuring Community Benefit:

Kevin Earls and Scott Johnson introduced an idea to have HFMA take on a project; Community Benefits Survey. Kevin proposed that HFMA take on the project for a one-year period with OHAAS being involved to assist. Scott will present at Problem Solving sessions and Kevin will present at the CFO roundtable to solicit members to serve on the committee. Further discussion:

3 - 4 additional members (along with Kevin and Birgit Becker) to develop a survey.Survey providers on what percentage of charity care they provide the community.The survey will give a better picture of Healthcare's contributions.Take on the project for two years rather than one.Check to see if National has a survey tool.Provide public exposure of HFMA.Evaluate awareness of HFMA membership opportunities.

Golf Tournament at Spring Conference:

Mike Chapman asked for a decision regarding the day and time of the golf tournament with consideration given to the Board meeting on Wednesday and the low attendance of Fridays. Mike left the meeting. Gary Harrell made a motion to have the tournament on Wednesday mornings with the board members teeing off first so they can make the 12:30 board meeting. No 2nd noted. Cheryl Storey will talk to Mike Chapman about working out the details of the tournament to address the issues affecting the Board attendance.

Oregon Chapter 50th anniversary:

Scott Johnson announced that the chapter's 50th anniversary will be in FY 04. He suggested that we look at a banquet for the July or September meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM
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