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Oregon HFMA chapter is going green. Instead of printing copies, we post our conference presentation materials on-line now!

Fall 2016 Conference

Patient Accounting Session: Transforming Your Revenue Cycle by Lynn Petouhoff and Diane Butler

Patient Accounting Session: MIPS vs APM 5%: Which will it be? by Jessie Johnson and Lindsay Stutheit

Patient Accounting Session: Physician Documentation Improvements Driving Reimbursement by Glenn Krauss

Finance Session: Strategic Healthcare Capital Planning - Clinical Initiatives & Benchmarking by Jon Loomis and Natalie Fraccica

Finance Session: Capturing the value proposition: Repositioning hospital service lines by James Case

Finance Session: Risk Adjustment - What's the Big Deal? (Part One of a Two part series) by Rose Bernards

Joint Session: 2017 Legislative Agenda and Healthcare Topics by Andi Easton

Joint Session: How to Achieve Greater Victory by Developing Your "Marathon Mentality" by Matt Jones

Joint Session: CCO Panel

Summer 2016 Conference

Patient Accounting Session: Uber-izing Healthcare: Applying a No-Wait Philosophy to the Pt Experience by Rob Zisman and Randy Fuller

Patient Accounting Session: Financial Clearance and the Patient Experience by Michael Taylor

Patient Accounting Session: Striking the Right Balance for your High-Deductible Patients by John Talanga

Finance Session: Transforming Pricing by Jamie Cleverley

Finance Session: Wage Index from an Oregon Perspective by Ryan Sader

Finance Session: 2017 Medicare Regulatory Update for Hospitals by Paul Holden and Cheryl Storey

Joint Session: MACRA: MIPS, APMs and More by Valerie Rinkle

Joint Session: Outcomes/Lessons Learned from the CMS Joint Replacement Bundled Payment Initiative by Donna Cameron and Kyle Netter

Joint Session: Value Based Health Models and Bundles by Deepak Goyal and Jason Woods

Spring 2016 Conference

Patient Accounting Session: Financial Assistance Automation by Brandon Burnett and Kim Berg

Patient Accounting Session: Transgender Sensitive Service by Amy Penkin and Jay David Rae

Patient Accounting Session: OAHHS Patient Friendly Billing by Katie Harris and Terrie Handy

Patient Accounting Session: Best Practice Vignettes by Amanda Gordon and Lesa Ellis

Patient Accounting Session: Facility Design for the Future: Adapting your Facility ro Serve by John Dao

Finance Session: The Purpose Driven Deal Lessons for Integration by Rachel Ream

Finance Session: We paid FFS and through partnership, shazam!, created APMs by Mindy Stadtlander

Finance Session: Seeking Integration: Aligning the Physician and Hospital Revenue Cycles by Issac Sieling

Finance Session: Insurance Oregon Update by Brian Fordham

Joint Session: Go Beyond - HFMA National Presentation by Melinda Hancock

Joint Session: Regulatory Update by OAHHS

Winter 2016 Conference

Patient Accounting Session: Identifying Revenue Cycle Leakage and Opportunities to Improve Performance by Chris Milligan

Patient Accounting Session: Coding and Billing Compliance: Headache or Piece of Cake by John Hart, Amy Miller and Carol Kerr

Patient Accounting Session: Financing Receivables - Pros, Cons, Experiences, Considerations by Stephanie Rhoades and Jeffrey Johnson

Patient Accounting Session: Patient Friendly Billing by OAHHS and HFMA

Patient Accounting Problem Solving: 501r by Sue Robinson

Finance Session: Creative Funding for Building Projects for CAH Hospitals by Jim Heilsberg

Finance Session: Post Issuance Bond Compliance by Alan Bond and Scott Schickli

Finance Session: The Importance of Medicare Cost Reports by Paul Holden

Finance Session: Cost Reporting 101 by Paul Holden

Joint Session: Success Factors in Retail Health by David Allen

Joint Session: State of the Industry: Strategies to Improve Financial Health Under an Era of Reform by Marlowe Dazley

Fall 2015 Conference

Patient Accounting Session: Identifying Revenue Cycle Leakage and Opportunities to Improve Performance by Chris Milligan

Patient Accounting Session: Charge Management by Rosemary Holliday

Patient Accounting Session: ICD10 and Round Table by Cindy Cain

Patient Accounting Session: The New HFMA Certification by Courtney Stevenson

Patient Accounting Problem Solving: Advancing Health Care Price Transparency: Reminder to Hospitals by OAHHS

Finance Session: Measurement, Accountability, Discipline - a MAD approach to Performance Improvement by Dan Bergantz and Andre Kemeny

Finance Session: Rural Healthcare Issues and Trends by Joylyn Ankeney

Finance Session: Update on Healthcare and Not for Profit Accounting by KPMG

Finance Session: Moving from Volume to Value by Michael Monahan

Joint Session: Lunging Forward by Cary Mullen

Joint Session: Truman, LBJ, Mills & Reagan: The Politics of the Passage of the Medicare Act by John Ryan


Winter 2015 Conference

Joint Session: Employ the Magic od Team Building Part 1 by Randy Bernstein

Finance Session: Clinical Integration Strategy Deployment at Salem Hospital

Patient Accounting Session: Patient Billing Strategy and Best Practices

Joint Session: Emply the Magic of Team Building Part 2

Joint Session: Emply the Magic of Team Building Part 3

Finance Session: Reference Price Programs Impact on US Health Care Delivery Systems

Patient Accounting Session: Current Legal Issues for the Business Office

Finance Session: The ACO Backbone: Building Your Network of PCP's, Specialists and Hospitals

Patient Accounting Session: ICD-10 Testing and Readiness

Joint Session: Bridging the Relational Gap with Lean

Finance Session: Capital Markets Update

Patient Accounting Session: Medical Necessity and the Two Midnight Rule


Fall 2014 Conference


Joint: Speeding to Effective Time Mastery - By Jerry Teplitz Enterprises

Finance Session: Hospital Transformation Performance Program (HTPP) By Elyssa Tran and Steve Gordon, MD

Patient Accounting:Transforming Rev Cycle from Administrative to Pt Service-Engage Touch Point by Elizabeth Staas

Certification Training - Internal Controls, Managed Care, Contracts & Disbursements By Christoph Stauder

Finance Session: CMS Bundled Payment Initiative By Lori Peterson

Patient Accounting Session: 5 Essential Elements for Physician Revenue Cycle Management by Jason Meaux

Finance Session: Applying Lean Principles to Accounting by Jeremiah Dodrill and Tasha Kiger

Patient Accounting: Leveraging Data for Visibility and Impact by Kelly Blair and Julie Kay

Finance Session: Par and Beyond: Secrets to Better Golf and Better Business By Jerry Teplitz

Joint:  Mastering the Chaos of 2 MN Rule: Updates from the Probed & Educate + Finding New I/P By Day Esgusquiza

                                AR Systems Form  ars-RacInptCertificationFormER3

Joint: Community Benefit Policy and Report:  Responding to Upcoming Troubling Measures by Robin Moody


Summer 2014 Conference

A Complaint Free Organization: From People Who Whine, to People Who Shine - Will Bowen

Provider Tax Update - Joylyn ankeney

Biometric Screening Implementation - Mollie Drake

Medicare Updates - Cheryl Storey and Paul Holden

Assessing Your Compliance Risk Through Benchmarking and Data Analytics - Stephen M. Leb

Key Success Factors for Driving Revenue Cycle Transformation & Cost Reduction Efforts - Tiffany Mcdowell

Healthcare Reform and Denial Management - Suzanne Lestina Avadyne

Population Management - Mark Crockett

Get Reaquainted with Your Charge Master - Michelle Stuart and Jodi Stewart

An Update from the Oregon Department of Insurance - Laura Cali

Spring 2014 Conference 

Grand Designs, Implementation and Chess Boards in Year Five - John Mitchell

Disrptive Innovation: Driving Change in the Consumer Experience - Phil Skiba

Understanding  the Impact of 501(r) - Chuck Kable

The Beat Goes On...Latest Developments in the Affordable Care Act & Its Implementation - Bruce F. Howell

Payer Panel: ICD-10 Readiness, 270/271 Electronic Verification, Electronic Insurance Cards and more...

Lean in the Revenue Cycle at Virginia Mason - Amber Reeff and Charlene Justice

The Future of Health Care: Market Disruption, Downward Revenue & Political Blowback - DJ Wilson

ICD-10: OMG...A 12 Month Delay??? Now What??? - Bethann Thorson and Matt Navigato

Cover Oregon - Josie Silvermann and Jon McDaid

Winter 2013 Conference 

         Best Practices: POS Collections - Reid Mellott and Brandon Childs

         OHSU POS Collections Initiative

         Legacy Health POS: a one year check-in

         Lean at OHSU - Troy Schmit

         OHSU's Payment Reconciliation Lean Project - Chandra Carney

         Process Improvement: Linking Improvement to Strategy - David M. Dilts

         Moving from Problems to Possibilities

         CCOs: who, what, where and why?

         Federal Health Care Reform

         CCOs and the Frontline: an ED director's perspective - Dan Handel

         340B Drug Pricing Program Review - Chad E. Gay

         Improving Reimbursement Through Clinical Documentation - Salem Health

         Reducing Readmissions in Oregon

Summer 2012 Conference 

Tri-County Medicaid Collaboritive - Janet Meyer

Administrative Simplification Project - Oregon Health Leadership Council, Paul Krissel

CDM and Charge Capture - Apex Healthcare Advisory Corp., Michael Bieker and Spencer Bailey

Paradox of Persuasion - The Glasers, Susan GlaserPhD, Peter Glaser PhD

Progress Report July 2012 - Oregon Health Leadership Council, Paul Krissel

Retrospective Denials Management - Adremia, Nichole Guido

The New Performance Standard - Healthcare Advisory Board, Chris Schlanger, MD, MBA

The Advisory Board Evaluation Template

Victory by Attila the Hun - Burke and Associates, Pat Burke

Impact of CCO on Oregon Hospitals - Kaufman Hall & Assoc, Carlos A. Bohorrquez

Dynamic CDM Strategies in an EHR Environment - Apex Healthcare Advisory Corp., Michael Bieker and Spencer Bailey


Winter 2012 Conference 

Bringing Health Home - OHSU Chief Medical Officer, Charles M. Kilo, MD, MPH

340B Program - Macro Helix, Julie Crozier

Medicare Advantage Reimbursement Issue - Healtcare Payment Specialists, Adam Reese

2552-10 Medicare Cost Report & Software Update - Health Financial Systems, Becky Dolin

2552-10 OHSU Experience - OHSU Audrey Scott

S10 Uncompensated Care and Indigent Care Reporting - Steve Clark & Associates, Tim Loechl

Changes to Medicare Cost Reporting - Steve Clark & Associates, Tim Loechl

CMS Transmittal 321 - Steve Clark & Associates, Tim Loechl

Lean in Salem - Salem Health, Aaron Crane

Making the Transition to a Sustainable Health Care System - Health Policy Advisor Gov. J. Kitzhaber, Mike Bonetto, Phd, MPH, MS

What do Federal & State Health Care Reforms Mean for Oregon Hospitals? - OAHHS, Andy Davidson, Pres & CEO


Spring 2011 Conference 

             Oregon HFMA Certification Education Practicum Overview

             Hospital Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program

             Hospital Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program Survey

             Hospital Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program Worksheet

             HIPAA 5010 Impact Assessment and Readiness

             Evidence-based Revenue Cycle Improvement

             ICD-10 Changes everything for HIM and Revenue Cycle

             Optimizing Revenue through Charge Master and Charge Capture for Critical Access Hospitals

             Physician Alignment: Prepare for the New Payment Models

             Physician Alignment: Survey

             Capital Markets Overview

             The Darwin Awards

             Tales from the ER


Winter 2011 Conference            

         ACO and Medical Home Model 

              Oregon Legislative and Community Benefit Reporting

               POS Cash Trends

               SBO (Single Billing Office) for Your CBO

               Critical Access Hospital Overview and Update

               Provider Based - Lessons Learned from the Land of Cheeseheads

               2011 Fraud and Abuse Update

               Revenue Cycle Realities

           Practical Information for Your Revenue Cycle

               PPACA Requirements to Uninsured Patients

               Federal Register - Proposed Rules