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Attaining certified status is based on your activity within HFMA and the profession, and successfully completing a competitive exam.

And now taking the first step towards professional certification - passing the HFMA certification exams - is easier than ever! HFMA chapters offer HFMA certification exams, on dates established by the chapters. The exams are conducted via the Internet, and scores are available as soon as you finish.

The exam delivery format is simple and easy to use. Conceptually, it's no different than traditional paper and pencil exams, and no prior computer skills are required to take the test.

This brochure provides you with information on how to: HFMA does not discriminate in any of its activities on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, disability, or marital status.

If you have questions regarding certification not covered in this brochure, call 800-252-HFMA, ext. 311, or e-mail certification@hfma.org.

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Professional Certification Program

The CHFP program offers each HFMA member an opportunity to earn a certification in healthcare financial management. The requirements for certification include passing two exams, a Core exam, and one of four specialty exams. You must pass both exams to complete the exam requirement for certification. Specialty exams are available in the following areas: Accounting and Finance, Financial Management of Physician Practices, Managed Care, and Patient Financial Services. Other requirements for certification include membership in HFMA, experience, education, and references. These are described more fully elsewhere in this brochure. Becoming a CHFP is the first step towards Fellowship in HFMA.

Meeting the HFMA certification requirements helps prepare you for increasingly responsible positions in the healthcare industry and demonstrates your dedication to professional development and a higher standard of excellence.

In addition to certification, HFMA's other career development activities are intended to enhance your ability to successfully compete in today's complex, constantly changing healthcare field.

HFMA career development opportunities include student memberships that enable students to make wise career-related decisions while still in college; continuing professional education courses designed to refine analytical and managerial skills; and nationwide job opportunity listings for members from Exec-u-Trak on the HFMA web page at