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Please Welcome our New Chapter President - Dustin Taylor

Previous President - Megan Underwood’s Message             

Spring 2012

Spring is here!  The sun has finally decided to shine (at least occasionally), and the flowers and trees (and allergies) are in full bloom.  And this means the Oregon HFMA Spring meeting at Salishan is just around the corner!  Check out the agenda online at oregonhfma.org, get yourself registered, and be sure to bring a costume for the Thursday evening banquet (theme=dress as your favorite musical star).


As we prepare to install the 2012-13 leadership team at Salishan, I’d like to take a few moments to review some of our chapter’s accomplishments for the 2011-12 year:

  • Our number one area of focus remains on education.  National measures the number of education hours provided based on meeting attendance (this includes chapter, regional, and national events).  Oregon currently has 9,607 hours for 2011-12, or 19.1 hours/member.  This is a 6.75% increase over last year, and is 35% above the score card goal set by National.
  • As part of our focus on education, this chapter fully supports certification for our members.  We are proud that as of 3/31/12, Oregon has 16 newly certified members!  This means 12.9% of our membership is now certified, which ranks us 10th out of 68 chapters.
  • 69% of respondents were very or extremely satisfied on the national member survey held last fall.  This was the highest score in our region, above the national average, and part of a 5-year upward trend for our chapter.
  • While some chapters have experienced declining revenue from sponsors, our sponsorship revenue has remained strong, with small but consistent increases in both number of sponsors and overall revenue.  This steadiness was noted by National, and our chapter was asked to speak on a leadership webinar designed for sponsorship chairs.  Thank you sponsors – we could not do what we do without you!
  • The new member mentorship program continued, along with an HFMA 101 session in the fall, and a new member night in the spring.  Despite tough economic times, our membership numbers have held steady, with a slight increase from 502 to 507.
  • The board approved a student discount policy, making it more affordable for full-time student members to attend local chapter meetings.  We also communicated this new policy to faculty members at some of our in-state universities.  Our student membership increased from 22 to 46!

We held our first-ever charity fundraising event at our fall 2011 conference in October.  We raised $283 for the American Red Cross, and donated approximately 20 food items to the Hood River food bank.  Our members went above and beyond in donations, and we had a great time playing Wii bowling!

The National chairman’s theme for this year was Believe to Achieve.  The above accomplishments were made possible because a whole team of great people believed, worked hard, and achieved.  THANK YOU to the entire 2011-12 leadership team – you made these dreams a reality!

It has been my privilege and honor to serve as your chapter President this past year.  I will continue to serve as Director and Past-President, and will also remain involved with Region 11 Symposium planning, as Oregon is the lead chapter in 2013!  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to lead this great team, and thank you all for your support.

See you at Salishan – and no matter what costume you wear, you are all STARS!


Megan Underwood, FHFMA
2011-12 Oregon Chapter President