Summer 2017

The 2017-2018 HFMA fiscal year is starting off FUNtastically!  The Summer Bend, OR conference was incredible because of the high member attendance (90+ attendees), the great education/motivational sessions and the amazing networking functions.  Photos of the FUNtastic event can be seen below.

We are now preparing for our Fall HFMA Oregon Chapter conference which will be held a week later than normal at Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, WA beginning Wednesday October 25, 2017 through Friday October 27, 2017.  Remember the first day (Wednesday October 25, 2017) is FREE!

I wanted to take time to recap this year’s Oregon HFMA Chapter goals as we work hard this year to achieve success:

  • 100% on our Chapter Davis Scorecard (metrics grid attached)

We are on the right path to achieve 100% again on our scorecard.  The one wild card scorecard metric this year is membership retention because this is new.  We are being measured on membership RETENTION as well as growth in membership in specific target areas (Physician, Physician Groups and Payers).  Our amazing membership team (Angela, Patrick and Cecilia) are already analyzing numbers, putting a call campaign together and coming up with programs to help ensure we hit our goal of 86.6% retention

  • Continued progress on our 3 year strategic plan:
    1. Innovation – Staying relevant within our industry
    2. Education – Create a culture of excellence in educational opportunities with content and format that exceed both member expectations and the goals of HFMA National, and that will last into the future of Oregon HFMA.
    3. Networking – Create networking opportunities which will lead to professional connections, mentoring and leadership opportunities which will translate into both individual and organization success
    4. Technology – Leverage technology to educate chapter members, increase membership, and provide additional networking opportunities.

Kim Carter, Past President set the course last year for our Oregon Chapter’s 3-year strategic plan and each committee has created their charter statement while continuing to work toward hitting their goals and objectives.  A full update on each committee’s progress will take place at the Fall HFMA Board meeting on 10/25/2017.

  • Engage with National by hosting a Chapter Advancement Team member

The Oregon Chapter is hosting Dayton Benway, Chapter Advancement Team leader at our winter conference which will take place at the Portland Doubletree (Lloyd Center) on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2018 from 11:00am-2:00pm.  Dayton facilitate a ½ day session to review our 3-year strategic plan, incorporate National HFMA themes and initiatives at the local level and help us begin thinking about our next 3-year strategic plan (FY19-21).

  • Have FUN while achieving success!

Be FUNtastic

I am excited to work with the Officers, Board, Chairs/Co-chairs and our members to accomplish the above goals.  It will take hard work and it will be fun!

So get this… the Oregon chapter was the only chapter in our region (Region 11) to score a 100% on last year’s scorecard.  We made our membership number by 2 members.  PHEW!  It is clear that we have a great chapter and it is so fun to see that we are recognized at these national conferences.  I continue to hear what great ENERGY the Oregon Chapter has and folks from other chapters (even National) are interested in traveling to Oregon to attend our conferences.  WAY TO GO TEAM OREGON!

In closing, we have set our course for the year, we are dialed into our goals and I know we will have another successful year as a result of all the hard work from the volunteers and from our Oregon Chapter member’s (that’s you) engagement.  Please let me know if there is anything else the board and committees can do for you to better the chapter.  I am so honored to be the Oregon Chapter President and to be a part of such an amazing and FUNtastic group.

Matt Navigato – Oregon Chapter of HFMA President 2017/2018

Water Pong – 7/19/2017


Summer Bend Conference – 2017


CCO Payer Panel – 7/20/2017